[Prices are for a single service provided]



Hair Mask Treatment   UGX 50,000
Natural Hair Thermo-smooth  Treatment UGX 120,000
Pepper Mint Treatment   UGX 60,000
Mega Growth Leave-In  Treatment UGX 40,000
Mega Growth Treatment   UGX 40,000
Mayonnaise Protein  Treatment      UGX 40,000
Affirm 5 in 1 Affirm Treatment    UGX 80,000
Treatment Own products             UGX 40,000
Treatment Anti-itch shampoo for men      UGX 20,000
Amahle Dry and Anti Itchy Treatment           UGX 80,000
Amahle Humectant Kit, Treatment + Shampoo   UGX 70,000
Amahle Kera Hydra Kit, Treatment + Shampoo  UGX 60,000
Affirm Relaxer with Treatment                                UGX 150,000
Relaxer Own Complete Products                     UGX 70,000
Scurl Relaxer [Short Hair]  UGX 40,000
Scurl Relaxer  [Long Hair]  UGX 80,000
Permanent Wave Weave Norvell Relaxer   UGX 120,000
Texturizing Baby Hair   UGX 15,000
Front Retouch no Treatment   UGX 45,000
Mega Growth Relaxer  Kit + Treatment                            UGX 100,000
Design Essential Relaxer                                        UGX 110,000
Wave by Design leisure curl Relaxer   UGX 120,000
Vitale Relaxer  + Treatment   UGX 100,000