[Prices are for a single service provided]


Braid Repair  UGX 40,000  
Knotless Braids - Salon Braids   UGX 200,000  
Braiding Invisible line, frontal weaves own piece  UGX 100,000  
Knotless Braids - Client Braids   UGX 150,000 
Butterfly Locs - Long with own braids    UGX 250,000 
Butterfly Locs - short with own braids UGX 200,000
Dreadlocks using comb  UGX 80,000  
Own Hair Small Size   UGX 30,000   
Medium Size with Salon Braids UGX 120,000
Big Size with own braids  UGX 80,000  
Pencil and all Big Sizes + Abuja Braids   UGX 100,000
Pencil - Big size  UGX 50,000  
Slippery Caucasian or Cornrows + Abuja   UGX 100,000  
Slippery Caucasian Hair with Added Piece   UGX 150,000 
Kinky  UGX 150,000  
Very Small Size + Hair Braids  UGX 200,000  
Weaves & all other braid sizes   UGX 120,000  
China Knots+ AfroKinky Braids   UGX  80,000  
Slippery Caucasian or Cornrows + Brazilian Wool   UGX 100,000
Slippery Caucasian or Cornrows + Black Weave Thread UGX 100,000
Pencil and all Big Sizes + AfroKinky Braids  UGX 100,000 
Pencil and all Big Sizes + Brazilian Wool Braids  UGX 100,000  
Pencil and all Big Sizes + Black Weave Thread Braids UGX 90,000
Very Small Size with Own Braids   UGX 150,000  
Dreadlocks Re-twist dread Locks Using Comb   UGX 80,000
Own Hair Big Size   UGX 20,000  
Dreadlocks Interlocking using needle first me  UGX 200,000
Dreadlocks Re-twist Interlocking Using Needle   UGX 150,000
China Knots Big with Own Hair  UGX 40,000  
China Knots + Abuja Braids   UGX 80,000  
Passion Twist + Extensions  UGX 200,000
Passion Twist Own Braids    UGX 150,000
Weave Repair  UGX 20,000
Medium Size with Own Braids  UGX 100,000  
Dreadlocks Interlocking   UGX 100,000  
Medium Size Braids UGX 20,000  
Small Size Braids   UGX 30,000  
Weave Pencil Own Hair Swahili Styles   UGX 10,000 
Un bonding per line  UGX 10,000  
Very small size   UGX 30,000