[Prices are for a single service provided]


Sparkles Signature Manicure Only  UGX 25,000
Sparkles Signature Pedicure Only   UGX 40,000
Sparkles Signature Manicure and Pedicure UGX 65,000
Gel Builder 1 Nail   UGX 10,000  
Ombre Mirror Nails/Marble Nails [long]  UGX 200,000 
Ombre Mirror Nails/Marble Nails [short]   UGX 150,000 
French Nail Polish   UGX 15,000
Bonding Weak Nails  UGX 5,000  
Pedicure only   UGX 40,000 
SPA Manicure and Pedicure For Gentlemen  UGX 45,000  
Glue Nails labor only  UGX 20,000  
Acrylic Nails Hands first Time set    UGX 70,000 
Acrylic Nail refill 1Nail  UGX 5,000  
Nail Art Using Color henna or Tube   UGX 35,000  
Manicure only   UGX 20,000  
Gel Builder Nails First Time Set  UGX 100,000 
Acrylic Nails Re-fill & Polish  UGX 40,000  
Stick-on Nail Extensions    UGX 40,000
Stick-on Nails Removal  UGX 20,000
Gel Builder Nails Client Products  UGX 80,000 
Acrylics/Gel Builder Nail Removal  UGX 30,000 
Gel Builder Nails Extensions re-fill  UGX 50,000 
Gel Color Polish Removal UGX 10,000 
Colored Gel Nails  UGX 120,000 
Gel Polish Nails  UGX 35,000 
Builder Nails   UGX 120,000 
Cut and File Nails for Men's hands or feet   UGX 10,000   
Normal Polish Change Hands or Feet Alone UGX 15,000
SPA Manicure and Pedicure Ladies UGX 55,000 
Stick on Nails – One     UGX 5,000
Manicure only UGX 20,000